Digital Marketing Services

Target Wise Solution is a one stop solution for marketing your business online. 

Our experts execute Web, Social, PPC, PR, and other campaigns of your full-service digital marketing strategy synergistically to achieve the maximum ROI for your business.

Market Research

Gain professional insights into the promotion tactics of your competitors. Identify the exploitable weaknesses in their marketing communications and learn more about your audience and their online hab.

  • Сompetitor Marketing Report & Analysis Chart
  • Customer Research & Persona Profiles
  • Consultation with a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Strategy

Get a full-service digital marketing strategy designed to achieve your goals with the perfect combination of digital marketing approaches for your target audience.

  • Strategy Workshop
  • SMART Goals
  • Marketing Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Process

1. Investigation & estimation

We listen to understand your industry, business, goals, offering, and target audience, acquiring a complete understanding of your company and what makes you unique.

Requirements Gathering.

Get a consultation with our Digital Marketing expert to talk about your company, how you attract business, which marketing channels you have already tried, and which ones would you like to explore, your customers, e.t.c.

Project Estimation.

Our experts draft a rough estimate of your Digital Marketing based on your goals and what we believe would be the best way of achieving them within the set limitations.


  • Consultation with a Digital Marketing expert
  • Project Estimate
  • New growth vectors and promotion opportunities for your business
Digital Marketing Services

2. Market Research

Our marketing agency services research produces valuable insights to inform and shape the foundations of your digital marketing.

Сompetitor Research. 

We analyze your competitors, their offerings, positioning, online presence, and customer sentiment towards them to better understand your industry.

Customer Research. 

We investigate the apparent and hidden needs driving the decisions of your clients, segmenting them into the defined customer segments.

Marketing Channels Research.

Our experts evaluate the marketing of your competitors and uncover online behavior patterns of your audience to find the best ways ofreaching them online with precision and at the right time.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis Chart
  • Competitor Marketing Investigation Report
  • Customer Persona(s)
Digital Marketing Services

3. Digital Marketing Planning

We create your tailored digital marketing strategy, which consists of measurable results and concrete steps towards achieving them.

High-level Goal Setting & Validation.

We define the goals of your digital marketing or validate the goals you’ve already formulated

Strategy Creation. 

Establishing the best digital marketing campaigns that would work together to drive your audience through every step of the funnel and help you achieve your goals.


  • SMART Business Goals for your Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy (Campaigns, Campaign-level goals, Channels, Timeline, Budget, Metrics, Team Composition)
Digital Marketing Services

4. Digital Marketing Execution

We’re not fortune tellers. But we’ll continuously test, measure and evaluate your performance to ensure your custom marketing strategy is always adapting to changing market conditions.

Strategy Execution. 

We bring in field experts for the campaigns in your marketing strategy, be it social media, content marketing, or PPC campaigns, and execute them professionally.

Marketing Analytics. 

We measure everything. For each of the channels, we set up exhaustive tracking to collect as much information as possible, allowing us to make data-driven decisions

Continuous Improvement.

You need to be a fortune teller to predict with certainty how each channel will play out. Thus we remain agile and fine-tune your strategy to capitalize on the channels that perform best and achieve maximum ROI.


  • Everything created during campaigns, including text, images, gifs, videos, settings, e.t.c.
  • Analytics set-up
  • Regular Campaign Reports
Digital Marketing Services