Website Design Trends for 2023

Abu Morshed Julash
 on October 3, 2022

Interactive Designs

Websites are becoming more interactive as we move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. As a result, many websites will include interactive elements on their pages by 2023.

To make their website more interactive, website developers usually include some fun games and quizzes. However, website designers are taking web design to the next level this year.

Scrolling is typically used to activate most interactive designs. When you scroll down a website, the design changes or morphs into another design or a button.

This 2023 website design trend can also be triggered by clicking, swiping, and dragging elements. This type of design allows users to be curious as they figure out what happens next when they activate the design.

Most visitors’ attention has been captured by interactive designs, which also contribute to the webpage’s SEO ranking. This is primarily due to a lower bounce rate, as visitors do not leave the website immediately. Furthermore, visitors are immersed in a completely different experience when compared to websites with only passive designs.


Parallax Scrolling

A common online effect used to give web page portions more life is parallax scrolling. Especially popular on full-width sites, parallax scrolling enables designers to add more depth to the page by employing different kinds of media.

As the user scrolls past, they see the image fade into the background of neighboring boxes, providing an engaging visual and a sense of hierarchy in the piece. The content is more interesting as a result of this subtle behavior.

Fast Website Load Speed

Ultra-fast load times are one of the most significant web design requirements. For years, fast loading speeds have been critical to UX and SEO, and they continue to rank high for websites looking to increase traffic and conversion rates.

More than half of internet users expect a website to load quickly and within two seconds of clicking a link, according to studies. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, your visitors will likely depart and are unlikely to return ever again.

The profitability of a business is directly impacted by website performance. Pinterest reportedly decreased perceived wait times by 40%, increasing search engine traffic and sign-ups by 15%, according to data gathered during a research.

When searching for investment properties, your real estate agent may have used the phrase “location, location, location.” At Target Wise Solutions, we prioritize conversions above everything else. We regularly assess website loading times to guarantee a positive user experience.



Storytelling has always been an effective marketing strategy that has stood the test of time. It is no surprise, then, that website designers are incorporating storytelling into their website design.

Web designers create a linear design that triggers a sequence of animated texts and multimedia content, also known as Scrollytelling. This website design trend leads website visitors down a path that conveys a message.

Scrollytelling is a popular layout for the About Us and Our History pages. This is because these pages frequently tell the story of how that particular organization came to be and its landmark events.

This website design trend, however, is now found on the homepage in 2023. Scrollytelling is now used by websites to convey their brand’s message. Some even open up different story routes, allowing users to view a more personalized story path that answers their query.


Lead Generation with CRM tool

One of the key components of a marketing website is an online lead generation form. We want to learn a lot about the people who visit our website, but we can’t ever ask too many questions at once. On the landing pages, we embed progressive/dynamic contact forms that dynamically show fields based on the lead’s path.

Although displaying too many fields in a form is not ideal, we can always modify the form fields to reflect the information we already know about our leads. At the first conversion chance, we might ask for the name, company, and email address. At the next conversion opportunity, we might ask for the phone number, title, company size, and company revenue fields.


Design Inclusiveness

Inclusiveness is a critical social issue because it combats discrimination based on race, gender, and disability. As a result, the majority of 2023 website design trends address this critical issue.

An inclusive website might include a screen narrator so that blind visitors can hear what is on the page. Another popular trend is the incorporation of models of various races into website designs. There are even models that are simply human outlines to demonstrate the diversity of races and genders.

However, the majority of the design’s inclusiveness is visible in the text displayed on the website. Appropriate terms are used, especially when it comes to gender communities, experiences, and cultures of various races.

The inclusiveness of a website design is determined by the type of audience the website will serve. Thus, website owners should determine who their target market is in order to determine which inclusive design to use for their site.


Animated Text

In 2023, animated text designs will be popular website design trends. They are divided into three categories: Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit animations. Although these animation types have been widely used in the past, they are now considered essential in website design.

Aside from basic animations, animated text designs are now used in a variety of ways. There are some website designs in which the text changes to another text or even an image.

Some designers even apply the text conveyor seen on news and finance websites to corporate websites. Several websites take it a step further by having the texts move in a circular motion or along a predefined path.


Differ or Contrast Colors

Colors are an important part of website design, which is why they are one of the first things considered. Most websites would choose complementary website design colors. Contrasting colors, on the other hand, are now the website design trend in 2023.

Contrast colors were popular in print media in the 1980s and early 1990s. Because of its vibrant colors, this old-style has become the new website design style.

This website design strives for vibrant colors that make the text stand out against the background. Neon colors, multi-bordered shapes, and strong contrasts are also used.


Mouse Hover Content

The hover content is another website design trend that has been popping up everywhere. When the cursor lingers over an item, a pop-up box with additional information about the item appears.

This is most commonly found on websites that include a product and service listing. This website design prevents text from becoming overcrowded on a website page. It also provides the readers with the information they need at a glance without requiring them to click on the item.

Image information, in addition to text information, can be included in the hover content. Furthermore, this website design visually delights users as they scan through information with ease.


Hero Section of Typography

The hero section is the first section of a website page that is visible when the page loads. As a result, every website designer meticulously plans out this section because it can make or break the visitors’ attention.

The use of typography in the hero section is highlighted in the website design trends for 2023. Although text has been present in the hero section for a long time, images remain the main feature. The text is usually just a supplement to the image in the hero section.

In 2023, however, the text is the main focus of the hero section. As a result, website designers used eye-catching typography in this website’s section. Typically, they use a plain solid colored background to make the text stand out in the design.

Text animations are also used by designers to highlight the typography hero section. Some people use just one line of typography, while others lay out the text in various designs to make it more unique.