Some #Branding Mistakes and Strategies for Avoiding Them

Abu Morshed Julash
 on June 15, 2022

Not Understanding the Brand

Just advertising isn’t enough. Learn how people perceive the company, then make a proper branding plan with a consistent company identity and image.


Brand Purpose and Values

Before deciding on a company’s value or mission, branding is like forgetting to send an email without saying hello. Company values can help to build a brand identity and voice that is unique, making it easy for people to connect with what the company has to offer.

Nowadays, employees increasingly question their company’s impact on communities and the planet. Thriving brands should have a strong set of business values that describe the purpose of the business.


Relying on Trends

Although trends can help grow your brand presence, relying on them exclusively will confuse your audience and limit the strength of your brand. Make a branding plan that centers on your company’s purpose and its offers, and then occasionally participate in trends.


Mimicking, Not Unique

Copying successful strategies might be tempting, but it weakens a company’s brand. Especially if its direct competitors can make branding less unique and reduce impact. Make a proper, lasting branding approach by applying knowledge from researching successful campaign techniques.


Confusing Graphics and Dull Texting

Visuals that don’t make sense or represent the mood, random creatives or colors can distract from the purpose of the branding. Text that doesn’t create action by persuading or ignoring the brand identity or story is a critical mistake. Branding should be consistent and its content should align with each of the other. It helps people understand and remember the brand.


No Research!

Without researching what the audience wants, it is a waste of time and resources to create a branding strategy. Doing proper research can help guide the brand.


Ignoring Consumer’s Hi, Hello!

A good product or service will make people like the company and people will always try to interact with the company by saying hi, hello, or an issue they found. Interacting with those consumers, learning what they have to say always helps with branding or planning. Interacting with customers is a great way to spread awareness and helps create loyal customers on social media.


Lastly, reviewing the mistakes that other brands made with their image can provide guidance when developing your branding methods. It’s important to be aware of the shortcomings of your brand so that you can do what needs to be done to avoid those problems affecting your bottom line.

Cartoon credit: marketoonist